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Rent a Confetti Gun For Your Next Event

The MK-CN11 Confetti gun is a compact unit with three separate barrels for maximum effect. These guns are easy to transport to another venue and have a power cable connector for ease of use. The device has a Multi-shot and Single Shot modes and is able to shoot confetti up to four meters. It can be stored safely when not in use. If the event planner is planning a large event, he can order more than one confetti gun.

Find A Quick Way To Rent A Confetti Gun For Your Next Event

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Its battery indicator can give you a hint of the amount of battery power remaining. Generally, high street cannons have smaller air cylinders and can shoot confetti up to eight metres. The range of medium and large confetti cannons depends on the size of the room and how much space they have to cover. In general, they can shoot confetti up to ten and twelve metres.

These confetti guns have three cannons and use disposable confetti cartridges. The cannons can fire single shots or multiple single shots and include a laser pointer. This model can also fire a variety of sizes and has a rechargeable battery. If you’re looking to rent a confetti gun for your next event, the MagicFx combines convenience and safety with an impressive display.