Canvas Art Printing

Canvas Art Printing

Canvas N Decor printing is a digital printing process that uses high resolution images to print on canvas. This process can be used to reproduce any type of image onto canvas, including paintings and photographs.

Are canvas prints blurry?

Various coatings and treatments are available to enhance the visual quality of a canvas print. Some of these coatings and treatments can also help prevent water damage, fading or scratching of the canvas.

There are many types of canvases on the market, and they vary in their weight and texture. The weight of the canvas is a factor in how long the canvas will last and what paint applications will be applied to it. A heavier canvas is more ideal for artists who use great daubs of paint on the canvas, or for painters who like to create multiple layers of paint over each other.

The width of the canvas roll is another consideration. For aqueous ink printers, canvas rolls are limited to 64″ wide, but solvent ink printers have a wider maximum width. This is because the solvent inks don’t need to be laminated or coated after printing, which saves time and reduces production costs.

Canvas prints can be purchased in a variety of sizes and can be stretched or gallery-wrapped and framed traditionally or borderless. They are a great choice for home decor, art galleries, photography studios and fine art reproductions. They are also popular for weddings, newborn and family picture displays, as well as for businesses seeking signage for advertising or a store front.

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