Email Checker – How to Use an Email Checker to Ensure Your Lists Are Clean

Email Checker – How to Use an Email Checker to Ensure Your Lists Are Clean

email checker

Email checker is a software tool that verifies email addresses to confirm they are valid and can receive messages. A quality email verification tool can significantly improve your delivery rate and cut out wasted spending on email marketing campaigns that are delivered to invalid, fake, disposable or inactive email accounts.

Invalid email addresses can have a significant impact on your deliverability and overall sender reputation. Whether it’s an honest typo or a spoofing attempt, these types of email addresses often result in recipients marking your emails as spam. Too many spam complaints will damage your overall sender score and result in your future email messages being automatically diverted to junk folders rather than into the inbox.

Email Checker Tools: Enhancing Accuracy and Deliverability of Email Communications

Most email validation tools will run a variety of checks to identify invalid and non-existent email addresses. These include a range of technical checks including syntax validation, pinging the email address to confirm it is active and has an inbox and sending a confirmation response. Most email verification solutions will also run a domain checking service to verify that the email address is registered with a host server and is associated with the correct corresponding domain.

MillionVerifier is a powerful cloud-based email verification and list cleaning solution trusted by more than 70,000 businesses worldwide. With over 99% accuracy, this tool can ensure that your lists are free of fake, temporary and disposable email addresses that will not respond to your marketing messages or result in bounces. It offers a full set of email validation and verification services as well as real-time API integration to help you keep your marketing database clean and up to date.

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