How Does Galaxy Watch Measure Stress?

How Does Galaxy Watch Measure Stress?

The Stress Level feature on how does Galaxy Watch measures stress is a great way to gain insights into your daily anxiety levels. It does this by analyzing heart rate variability, which is the variation of the time intervals between your heartbeats. High stress levels tend to reduce this variability, as our bodies enter a state of ‘fight or flight’ response.

To use the Stress Level feature, launch Samsung Health on your paired phone and select the Stress menu. Then, press the Measure button to start monitoring. During the measurement, make sure your watch is worn tightly and that you are sitting up straight without talking or yawning. You may also need to wipe the heart rate sensor from time to time to ensure it collects accurate data.

Stress Management at Your Fingertips: A Deep Dive into the Technology Behind Galaxy Watch’s Stress Tracking

Once the reading is complete, your Stress Level will appear in the Stress menu on your Galaxy Watch. It will be displayed in different colors, with Green indicating that your body is not stressed and Red indicating that you are under a lot of pressure.

Note that the Samsung stress level feature is not a medical device and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. The accuracy of this measurement is based on the sensitivity of your heart rate and can be affected by various factors, such as your general state of health, diet, and training. As a result, this method is not as reliable as other stress measurement methods such as blood pressure measurements or physical symptoms like sweating.

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