How to Perform Kettlebell Ab Rotation

How to Perform Kettlebell Ab Rotation

Kettlebell ab rotation | Strong And Fit is a powerful exercise that can be used to target your abdominals, back, shoulders and arms. This full body workout also boosts cardiovascular endurance and conditioning.

Is a 4 kg kettlebell too light?

Start in a straight-arm plank position with your left hand gripped around the kettlebell and your right hand flat on the floor (if this is too difficult, you can hold another kettlebell or rest your hand on an elevated block). Maintaining your core engaged and back straight, pull the kettlebell towards the side of your chest with your left arm.

Standing side crunches are a great way to target your hip hinge muscles. These are crucial for your posture and lifting performance.

Inhale to twist your torso to the right, then exhale to twist it back to center. You can also move the kettlebell from side to side, depending on the weight you’re using.

Russian twists are a rotational exercise that improves rotational strength and helps develop athletic skills. This is especially beneficial for athletes who require strong rotational motions, such as swinging and throwing.

Push ups are a good exercise to use to strengthen your upper abs. This exercise is a variation of the push up that uses a kettlebell and can be adapted to suit your level of fitness.

Rowing the kettlebell up is a great exercise to strengthen your abs and shoulders while helping you build core strength. It also increases your mobility and flexibility.

This is a challenging exercise that requires good form and concentration. You should be able to perform 20 reps with no more than 15 seconds of rest between each.

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