Killara – Best Early Childhood Education and Day Care Centre

Killara – Best Early Childhood Education and Day Care Centre

The Killara Primary School, located in Killara, offers excellent early childhood education and care services to the parents and children at its early learning centre. The centre has five classrooms in various areas and it also has some nursery schools for the infants. The childcare centre is managed by Pantalonsi Educational Trust and it has an annual budget of around Rs 11 million. Citing the success of the centre, the state government has approved funds for setting up another early learning centre in Killara. The plan is to establish an integrated kindergarten for the children who attend this school. It is expected to start by offering childcare services to parents.


The childcare services are offered to parents who bring their children to the Killara Primary School from their locality or the surrounding areas. Some parents bring their children from other nearby towns. The service charges vary depending on the day care and the number of children being attended. However, they are usually affordable. The price of each day care is around two hundred and twenty-five dollars per day and there are a maximum of seven children in each room.


The Killara Early Learning Home is adjacent to the Killara Primary School and offers similar services. The Killara Early Learning Home offers four rooms in three categories: Group Homes, Group Houses and Preschools. The group homes offer complete services such as early reading sessions, group activities, music classes and childcare facilities. Preschools offer special programs such as foreign languages, music, art, science and computer classes.

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