London Pest Control

London Pest Control

Pests are a health and safety issue that need to be dealt with quickly, whether they’re rats chewing through pipe insulation or pigeons dislodging roof tiles. They also cause structural damage and can ruin the fabric of buildings.

How do you control termites?

As a densely-populated city, London is a hotspot for rodent infestations. The omnivorous nature of rats and mice means they can scavenge through discarded rubbish bags, compost bins and fruit in gardens and parks. They can also find shelter and food in open brickwork, under floorboards, under furniture or in secluded places like cellars. As London’s population grows, so too will the number of rats living in the city and proofing properties against them is more important than ever.

Our london pest control experts use tried and tested methods to eradicate pests. Treatments can include rat catching, cockroach fumigation, bed bug heat treatment and more. The process starts with an initial inspection, where a technician visits your home or business to discuss the problem and examine it for evidence of intruders. Once this is done, they can start to put a plan in place that will help to resolve the infestation and prevent it from happening again.

The cost of a pest control visit will depend on the size of your property and the extent of the infestation. For example, a wasp nest removal may take 30 minutes while a rat infestation that requires a trapping service could take up to 8 hours.

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