PHP Operators and Their Precedence and Associativity

PHP Operators and Their Precedence and Associativity

php operators

php css button styling  are symbols that instruct the PHP processor to carry out specific actions on variables or values. They are generally used to perform arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on numeric values or comparison operations such as greater-than, less-than and equals.


They can also be used to assign values to variables. Other important PHP operators include increment, decrement, logical and string. This article introduces you to the different types of php operators along with their precedence and associativity.

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A good knowledge of php operator precedence and associativity is critical when writing code. You need to know how the PHP parser evaluates expressions that contain multiple php operators. The arithmetic operators are evaluated first, followed by the comparison and logical operators. Therefore, the expression 10 + 2 will be evaluated as 12 before it is compared with 5.

The logical operators check whether two expressions or values match in a Boolean fashion. They are usually followed by a conditional statement or an if/then statement. The not (!) logical operator negates the value of a Boolean expression.

The arithmetic operators in PHP are very useful for performing basic arithmetic operations on values. The table below lists the available arithmetic operators in PHP.

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