The Dangers of Mail Order Marijuana

The Dangers of Mail Order Marijuana

mail order marajuana

In the age of technology, shopping online for groceries, clothes, electronics and even weed has become a convenient and efficient way to get just about anything delivered right to your doorstep. But there are some things that, for legal reasons, people still can’t order from the internet—and that includes mail-order marajuana.

In a recent study, 41 percent of people searching for ‘mail order marajuana | Cheebas clicked on links to retailers assuring delivery through the United States Postal Service or commercial parcel company such as UPS. But since USPS is federally run, the package carriers have no obligation to honor that promise: once they see a suspicious package that seems likely to contain marijuana, they’re instructed to hold it until law enforcement arrives and then arrest the recipient on federal drug charges.

Convenience at Your Doorstep: Exploring the Benefits of Mail Order Marijuana Services

Some dispensaries have figured out how to skirt this rule by hiring employees who look the part and by sealing their packages in special containers that block odors and fool sniffers and inspectors. However, the practice is not without risks. The Globe reported on one case of a dispensary that shipped out contaminated marijuana to customers who had already received their orders, and who then experienced nausea, fevers, coughing and other symptoms supposedly caused by aspergillus mold.

The Globe also questioned why some cannabis retailers aren’t requiring that buyers show government ID in person when they buy from them, as required by recreational marijuana laws. That requirement is a necessity in states that have legalized the product because the purchase of cannabis is an illegal activity under federal law.

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