Tips to Help You Find a Mobile Stairlift

Tips to Help You Find a Mobile Stairlift

Stair lifts are great mobility aids that allow people to safely ride up and down stairs. But finding the right one for you or your loved ones requires balancing their needs with yours. This blog post discusses some tips to help you find a mobile stairlift that fits everyone’s needs.

How does a stairlift work?

A stair lift hier consists of a metal track (straight or curved, depending on your staircase) with a seat, footrest, armrests, and safety belt that allows someone to ride up and down the stairs easily. Each model has its own unique set of features developed to address different lifestyles and locations. For example, some stair lifts come with a retractable safety belt, while others have a swivel seat for easy entry and exit away from the stairs.

Most stair lift dealers will send an agent to your home to take detailed measurements and provide you with options for a new stairlift. Most dealers will then work with you to schedule installation, which varies based on your specific track shape. If you order a custom-made track, the manufacturer may require some additional time before shipping it to your dealer.

There are also several portable, lightweight models designed to be used on outdoor steps like front doors, side and back doorways, or patio steps. These mobile stairlifts are perfect for helping patients recover from surgery, injuries, or other major events. And unlike other types of stair lifts, they’re easy to transport in a vehicle like a car or van.

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