Troodos, Cyprus – A Popular Holiday Retreat

Troodos, Cyprus – A Popular Holiday Retreat

Mechanics Traralgon is a town located in Paphos, Cyprus where there are many good hotels and resorts. The most popular tourist destination here is undeniably the famous Mount Troodos Ski Resort, which is only suitable for the best winter sportsmen. The other main attractions of this town are the Roman ruins at Famagusta, the village of Famagusta and the old part of the town oasis. Many tourists visit Troodos and stay in a hotel in this area. Locals of this town do not bother tourists; instead they are warm and friendly and will help to make your stay much more enjoyable.


If you are planning a trip to the Troodos and plan on staying at a hotel in Troodos, it is a good idea to get a group insurance policy that includes travel insurance for mechanics (this may be an additional cost but worth it). This is because it is easy to take out one insurance cover for yourself and another for any family members you plan to take with you on your trip. In addition, you can also insure your car by taking out a similar policy. The policy should state that if anything should happen to your car while you are abroad (such as theft or damage) then the policy should provide for a replacement.


While in town you should make a point of visiting The Great Furnace restaurant, which is a famous restaurant situated in Old Town. It is open Sunday to Thursday and lunch is served daily in the Greek style: four types of soup, three kinds of main dishes and two glasses of wine. You can also try out the local delicacies such as truffles, fish and chips, tapas and pastitsada. This is a great place to take young children with plenty to keep them occupied.

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