Types of Window Stickers and Decals

Types of Window Stickers and Decals

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Window Stickers

There are many types of stickers and decals that can be applied to windows. There are clear window stickers, static stickers, vinyl cut decals and even perforated window graphics.

Clear windshield stickers Graphics – These are large stickers with the graphics printed on a clear background which can be seen through from the inside of the car. These are a great option for fleet graphics or storefront window decals.

Custom Vinyl Stickers – These are similar to clear window stickers but have no background so they enjoy a more impressive look with eye-catching details. These are also used for large fleet graphics and can be printed in full color.

Make a Statement with Windshield Stickers: A Guide to Designing and Applying Custom Stickers to Your Vehicle’s Windshield

Double Sided Decals – These are similar to clear window stickers except they can be printed on both sides of the glass to offer a different message or graphics. These can be expensive to print but can be an effective way to attract customers.

Vehicle Registration Stickers – These stickers are designed to stay on a vehicle for a long period of time so they can be a little tough to remove. The easiest way to get them off is to warm them up with a heat gun on low, a hair dryer or by parking in the sun for a while.

What Is a Monroney Sticker?

A Monroney sticker is a very important piece of information on any car you buy. It lists the make/model, the serial number, the standard equipment and other useful information about your vehicle.

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