VPN Detection Tools for Streaming Services

VPN Detection Tools for Streaming Services

Using VPN detection tools helps you combat spam and geo-piracy. They can also help you strengthen your KYC process. In the last few years, many major streaming services have started using these tools to deter adversaries.

Can VPN be detected?

The first method is to look at the IP address. If the address is from a foreign country, it could indicate that the user is using a VPN. It is also useful to look at the number of requests that are coming from the same IP. If this number is high, it is a good indicator that the user is utilizing a VPN.

Another method is to use a packet sniffer. Using a packet sniffer, you can inspect the header and payload of the data. If the results are inconsistent, this may mean that the user is using a proxy or spoofing their user agent.

Alternatively, you can use Deep Packet Inspection. The government of China uses this method to block VPN traffic. The data that is analyzed is compared to a public blocklist. Then, a service operator can determine whether the traffic is legitimate or not.

You can also use your browser’s Whois feature to check the IP of a website. If the website has a public blocklist, you can compare it with the IP of the visitor. If the visitor’s IP address is listed in the blocklist, you can confirm that the visitor is using a VPN.

Some streaming services also try to catch users who bypass geographic restrictions. If they detect too many requests from the same IP, they can block the VPN service.

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